Kadavu Islands Vacation Guide

The island of Kadavu is situated approximately 90 kilometers south of the main island of Viti Levu and is Fiji’s fourth largest. The island is 410 square kilometers in size, approximately 50 kilometers in length and width varies from a few hundred meters to 10 kilometers. The island is one of the most rugged areas of Fiji with a number of high mountains and few roads. The main way to get around Kadavu is by boat and small ferries. The Kadavu group also includes Ono Island, off the eastern tip of Kadavu, as well as a number of smaller islands.

Rugged Landscape

The main attractions of Kadavu is its natural beauty and rugged landscape and so it is often considered an eco-tourist destination. The Kadavu region offers activities such as sea-kayaking, sport and game fishing, surfing (especially on the western end), bird-watching, trekking and Fiji cultural village trips. It is, however, particularly famous as a scuba diving destination, due to its proximity to the world-renowned Great Astrolabe Reef off the eastern end of Kadavu. The reef is one of Fiji’s largest, stretching northwards about half the distance to Suva. The world-class reefs makes Kadavu very popular with divers and snorkellers alike.

Boat Transfer

Due to the lack of roads in Kadavu most resorts provide boat transfer for travelers, collecting them from the Vunisea airport around the coast to their paradise destination. Because of this isolation the resorts are perfect for tourists looking for an uncommercialised getaway, with a chance to experience the ‘real Fiji’ and some exciting adventure activities or just to relax. It is also, of course, a peaceful and beautiful place for a Fiji honeymoon or wedding.

Kadavu Island Hotels, Resorts and Specials

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