Lomaiviti Islands Vacation Guide

The Lomaiviti is a comprised of a group of nine main volcanic islands in a region to the east of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island. The largest islands in the Lomaiviti group are Ovalau, Koro and the island of Gau. Other islands include Wakaya (resort island of the rich and famous), Nairai, Makogai, Batiki, Moturiki, and Yanuca Levu. This region is also sometimes called the Koro Sea.

Volcanic Islands

One of the main adventure activities of this region is scuba diving though due to its remote location and its reef systems spread over some 411 square kilometers of ocean, it is not an intensively dived region. There are a number of dive operators and resorts who offer diving to their guests – on Ovalau and Wakaya, for example – and a further option is liveaboard diving such as the Nai’a, which provides the opportunity of accessing remote and beautiful reefs. The lizard-shaped Namenalala Island, further north-east heading toward Vanua Levu, is sometimes included in this region due to its proximity, and has a beautiful encircling reef.

Scuba Diving

Ovalau, whose main town of Levuka was once the colonial capital of Fiji, offers travellers a number of accommodation options such as the Royal Hotel, new Mavida Lodge, and the Levuka Homestay. Levuka is a quaint town to visit with its colonial buildings, and it also has interesting historical sites. There is a ferry and domestic air service between Ovalau and the main island of Fiji. Other accommodation in the region can be found on the island resorts such as the exclusive Wakaya Club, the romantic Royal Davui Island Resort, Toberua Island Resort and Naigani Island Resort.

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