Taveuni Island Vacation Guide

Taveuni is Fiji’s 3rd largest island and is located in ‘The Friendly North’ of the Fiji Islands. Known as the ‘Garden Island’ of Fiji due to its lush green tropical rainforests, the island is a popular destination for travelers looking for a vacation on one of Fiji’s most natural and friendly islands. Roughly cigar-shaped, the island is some 42 kilometres long and features a central ridge, with even gradients on each side sloping down to the coastlines on either side. The highest peak on Taveuni (and the second highest point in the whole of Fiji) is Mt Uluigalau (1241 meters).

Rainforest National Reserve

There are many reasons why tourists are attracted to Taveuni and these include a wide range of adventure and eco adventure activities that take advantage of Taveuni’s unique landscape. World-class dive sites are found on the famous Rainbow Reef. On land, enjoy one of the most popular tourist attractions in Fiji – the Bouma National Heritage Park, Fiji’s largest national reserve of rainforest. The park offers a coastal walk to swim below a spectacular double waterfall at Wainibau, a mountain trek, snorkelling opportunities at a marine reserve, and a walk to the famous Tavoro waterfalls in a lush green tropical setting. Outside the park there are other trips and tours, including a strenuous hike up to Lake Tagimaucia, Taveuni’s old volcanic crater lake, natural waterslide at Waitavela, the 180 degree meridian marker, the Catholic Mission at Wairiki, and the Vuna blowholes in the southern end of Taveuni. Birdwatching at De Voeux peak (Fiji’s 3rd highest peak) is very popular due to the presence of unique birds on Taveuni such as the Orange Dove.

Luxury Honeymoon Resorts

Accommodation and lodging options in Taveuni include small and large luxury honeymoon and wedding resorts right down to backpacker campgrounds! There are private villas to rent, beachfront and hilltop cottages (bures), and small budget-priced resorts. Most options will be able to arrange scuba diving packages or recommend local dive operators if you are wanting to dive during your stay. The dive enthusiast will not want to miss experiencing the great dive sites off Taveuni’s shores at the world famous ‘Rainbow Reef’ so it is best to book your diving when booking your accommodation. Fishing is also a popular activity with a number of private fishing charters operating on the island. Fish in these waters include marlin, wahoo, and mahi mahi.

Taveuni Hotels, Resorts and Specials

Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat
Maravu Plantation Resort
Coconut Grove Fiji
Taveuni Island Resort
Taveuni Palms
Todra ni Siqa
Vale Sekoula
Karin’s Garden
Matangi Island Resort
Nakia Resort
Qamea Beach Resort
Matei Pointe
Garden Island Resort
Paradise Resort
Almost Paradise
Lomani Taveuni
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